Sunday, 18 March 2012

This is a "KAHANI''

Birds were flying away, the sun was setting down, I can say that the rain has just recently stopped drenching the mother earth. It was hard to guess the time since I was not having my watch; so, the exact time was hardly predictable. Our bus reached that place, we all were getting down from the bus. As it was raining before, the road was somehow filled with muddy water. We were totally uncomfortable to walk on that road with our sandals. I don’t know which place that was. we were feeling hungry. That’s why we went for searching an hotel or some kinda "Dhabas" to take our snacks. I think due to heavy rain no electricity was there in the locality and it seemed almost like the earth was covered with a black colored blanket. But any how we had to take some snacks, we were not in a state of mind of having the snacks in a 5-star hotel or any type of luxurious restaurant, even though we could expect all those in that place. You can imagine what type of place that was.
Oh!!!!!!!!At last we 4 friends got one small hotel. The condition of that hotel was not good.only 2/3 benches were there for us.”Let’s have some snacks here only, we couldn’t search more.Let’s  adjust here only” ,we thought. That time few samosas were available there. We called the person serving there, and ordered 4 samosas .I was feeling thirsty, so at the same time I said the person to give a glass of water.

I was looking here and there of that hotel. At that time I saw a small boy, who was trying to hide himself behind a door. I was looking towards him again and again. But every time got the same response from him. He wasn’t watching to any of my friends, but he was pointing out me only, such that he might be known to me.
The boy was about 9-10 years of old, just with a damaged pant, seemed very weak and sick. He was totally uneducated. I thought
he might be the cleaner of that hotel. Suddenly the waiter raised his voice and ordered that boy to give me a glass of water. As the  boy was concentrating at me so he didn’t respond to him also.But the waiter again scolded him mercilessly.At that time the boy came with a glass of water to me and again started looking at me gruesomely  by hiding himself in the same place.
Suddenly he came with a batten and beaten to my leg.Suddenly I stood up from there,and couldn’t decide even what to do that time.By seeing all these the manager of that hotel  got completely shocked, he also couldn’t imagine, “why this happened?”My friends also got shocked after seeing all these.Quickly we decided to leave that place.But do you know that boy also disappeared from that place.We paid the bill and left the place.All were in horrible situation to catch the bus.But I was trying to know “Actually why all these happened to me only ,not to others’?”Just I was very eager to know that”why he was looking at me again and again, Why he was afraid of me and didn't come to me? And why at last he beaten me? Even though he was a small boy and I didn’t  know him, I didn’t make any harm to him also”.
My friends were searching him to scold because I was injured and unable to walk also.We were returning from that hotel, It was very difficult for me to move also.I was supposed to cry loudly, but still I was searching for him and wanted to talk to him for few minutes.
It was approximately 100 meters from our bus, from some where the boy came running behind me.My friends started running out of fear by holding my two hands.No doubt I was also running but just wanted to stay there for a couple of minutes with that boy to inquire the matter. Suddenly I turned my eyes towards him, he was crying a lot. It seemed that he might be trying to say something and to stop me there only.But I came to bus, the bus was about to leave ,I was observing him from the back side glass of the bus. He was trying to catch the bus but the he couldn’t... but he was crying a lot keeping his hands like begging me to come back....It was about 7pm.We again started our journey to reach our destination.
After all these I opened my eyes, I saw the watch, It was 5am.My mother was sleeping beside me. I woke up.I was finding where I got injured, but nothing is there. It’s strange that my pillow was somehow wet with my tears. Tears  come automatically but I failed to know what’s the reason behind all these. I stopped crying & again slept away keeping myself in my sweet mamma’s arm.
I know it was not real. But till now I can’t forget his face. I know it may be true, but I just pray to god please let me meet that boy.Some time it happens that dreams also come true...and its possible that I may meet the same incident in my life..then.........!!!!!!!!
If  I will get the same situation, what will I do? If I will get the same boy anywhere, what will I do? Weather I will give him a big hug or I will scold him? Weather I will take him with me or I will leave him alone and let him cry for me.this is only the KAHANI………